Saturday, 3 February 2018

Episode 68: Finding Inspiration

Welcome to Episode 68 of the YarnderWoman Podcast! This episode, as always, comes to you from Perth in Western Australia, and was filmed on Friday 2 February 2018.

You can find YarnderWoman merchandise on Red Bubble. All purchases send a little money my way to help keep the lights on for the podcast.

Today's segments are as follows:

Brooching the Subject:

Finished Objects:
-- See my Ravelry project page for specific details --

  • Lupine “Rubies in My Pocket” hat – waiting on the pompom maker to arrive
  • Knit night shawl for Sisonke Msimang, to be given at the Perth Writers Week event
  • Face washer
  • ‘‘Twas night before” socks for YarnderMum (my Christmas Eve cast on)

Works in Progress:
-- See my Ravelry project page for specific details --

  • No-heel ribbed socks
  • Organic face washer (ongoing)
  • Plans for the Amaganset dress

Spinning Me Right ‘Round:

Podcasts I've been enjoying:

I'm currently re-reading (listening) to “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”, the fifth book in the Harry Potter series by J K Rowling.

During the last few months of last year, I listened to a lot of self-improvement books, around tidying/cleaning, minimalism and slow living. I’ll chat more about those in the next episode – let me know if there are any specific topics you’d like to hear about.

The article that gives a great analogy about how some people with chronic illness may / often feel can be found here:

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Episode 67: Hi everyone, hi 2018!

Welcome to episode 67 of the YarnderWoman Podcast! This episode was filmed on Thursday 18 January 2018, in Perth, Western Australia.

Brooching the Subject:

  • Felt Shakespeare brooch - unfortunately it appears that the etsy seller is no longer trading.


Watch the episode to see if you are a winner from the 2017 Charity Make-along thread!

Thank you to our generous prize sponsors:
We are running another Charity thread for 2018 - come and join us there.

2017 Re-cap:

I completed 45 projects in 2017:
  • Eighteen pairs of socks 
  • Nine hats
  • Six scarves 
  • Five shawls (including one cowl)
  • Five rat shawls (very small – counted as one project)
  • Two pairs of fingerless mitts
  • One Twiddlemuff
  • One child Boxy
= 4,627 metres in 17 projects. (I clearly didn't note the meterage for all 45 projects last year!) ;-)

The "5 Shawls, 5 Days Challenge" is being run by Frenchie of Aroha Knits again really soon - sign up here.

2018 Plans:
  • Garments - both knitted and sewn
  • Dress for the YarnderTeen
  • Socks for all!
  • Jumper for YarnderNieve
  • More charity projects. (Some patterns you can buy where the purchase money goes to charity are the Stand Up! socks and the Phoenix Hat.)

Finished Objects:
-- See my Ravelry project page for specific details --

Works in Progress:
-- See my Ravelry project page for specific details --

Out and About:
YarnderMum and I went to the opening launch night of the Perth Writers Week.

Happy crafting!

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Episode 66: December & Christmas 2017

Welcome to Episode 66 of the YarnderWoman Podcast. 

This episode is more of a vlog-style and was filmed over the course of December 2017.



Awesome environmental and ethical toilet paper company:

Happy Crafting!

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Episode 65.5: Mini-sode

Welcome to a mini-episode of the YarnderWoman Podcast. This is a more vlog-style, shorter episode, as I wanted to chat with you, but haven't been able to record a more 'standard' episode. I hope you enjoy - there is a segment with YarnderMum, too. :-)

Brooching the Subject:

Finished Objects:

-- See my Ravelry project page for specific details --
  • Rubies in my Pocket hat - designed by Sally Jane Cameron 
  • Socks for YarnderMum
  • Socks for YarnderBro made with JunkYarn Yarn
  • Twiddlemuff

Thank you for joining me - happy crafting!

Friday, 10 November 2017

Xmas Card "Flat" Swap 2017 - Sign-ups!

Hi Makers. :-) Who would like to participate in an end-of-year swap of a Christmas card or greeting card? :-) 

I give some details here in this quick video, so if you would like to join in, go to the Ravelry group for the YarnderWoman Podcast to sign-up.

Sign-ups close 18 November 2017 (Australian WST).

Happy crafting!

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Japan Vlog: Yarn & Knitting!

Hi everyone and welcome to my craft blog from my recent trip to Japan - September/October 2017.

Come with me as I visit various yarn and craft shops in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, as well as hanging out with the wonderful Frenchie, designer extraordinaire behind Aroha Knits.

Come and chat in the Ravelry group.

Happy Crafting!

Monday, 11 September 2017

Episode 65: YarnderMum's Foot (& Sock)

Welcome to episode 65 of the YarnderWoman Podcast. This episode was filmed on Sunday 10 September 2016, in Perth, Western Australia.

Time stamps for this episode's segments are as follows:
  • Brooching the Subject:                01:21
  • Prizes - Third Podiversary:          04:09
  • Prizes - Wonder Woman Wrap:   07:17
  • Prizes - Red-along:                      11:50
  • Works in Progress:                      14:45
  • Finished Objects:                         28:19
  • Spinning Me Right 'Round:          33:25
  • Chat:                                            42:41
  • Art Exhibition footage:                 45:41
  • Out-take:                                      46:50

Brooching the Subject:

  • An ampersand and a French flower. (No details on where we got them, sorry.)
  • The ampersand is in reference to the monkey character from the comic series Y The Last Man.


Works in Progress:
-- See my Ravelry project page for specific details --
  • Rainbow fingerless mitts
  • Ankle socks. (To replace a commercial pair.)
  • Planned WiPs: Knit Night Shawl in Blood Rose yarn to knit on the plane; socks to knit in Japan for me - still deciding on yarn

Finished Objects:
-- See my Ravelry project page for specific details --
  • Purple fingerless mitts 
  • Gnomeacres socks

Spinning Me Right 'Round:
  • Audio book - "Friend Request" by Laura Marshall. There was coughing on the audio, and the story took a little while to get there, but it was overall very good.
  • "Slow " by Brooke McAlary. (I listed to the audio version.) So good and so inspiring, especially regarding decluttering and tidying. "Destination Simple", Brooke's first book, has just been released in North America.
  • The Book Club I was a member of is sadly no longer running.
  • Mrs M's Curiosity Cabinet audio podcast. Episode 6 spoke about avoiding waste in making. Fantastic values/philosophies. 
  • Damian and I saw the movie "Killing Ground" and met the lead actor, Aaron Pedersen.
  • We're off to see my Aunty Fran's art exhibition (YarnderAunty).

Happy Crafting!