Sunday, 31 August 2014

Episode 4 - So many pretties and so many thank yous!

Hello and welcome to episode 4!

The YarnderWoman Podcast Ravelry group has reached over 200 members! Thank you and welcome to everyone. If you still haven't joined up, now's a good time as we'll have a membership prize draw very soon. :-)

What I'm wearing:
  • "Drizzle" hat by MSkiKnits, knit with Madeline Tosh Sport in 'Composition Book Grey'
  • "Makai" shawl, also by MSkiKnits, knit from Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Lightweight in 'Drucilla'

Brooching the Subject:
  • Batman Pow! felt brooch from an unknown Etsy seller - shop name TBA
Spin Me Right Round:
Thank yous:
  • Thank you to Holli of Swift Knits podcast for offering to spin my erroneous roving and for mentioning my podcast.
  • Thank you to Sheralynn of The Fibre Pigeonhole Podcast for her offer of teaching me to spin and unravel my yarn knots for me.
  • Thank you to Joyce of the Aussie Yarning podcast for some lovely yarn for my Cozy Memories blanket
  • Thank you SO much to Molly from A Homespun House for the yarn and the beautiful Whippoorwill shawl and for mentioning my podcast on her wonderful podcast
  • Thank you to Sarah and Kris from In a Sknit podcast and Grace from Juniper Grace Tube podcast for mentioning my podcast on theirs.
Generosity and inspirations: 
  • Mel, MSkiKnits from the With Mel blog for Free Pattern Friday - the "Lehua". Oh the gorgeous red yarn and stunning pattern, that was inspired by ME!!! Thank you so much, Mel!
  • Lena, FrkBadegakk, from the Wee Bit Knitty podcast, out of Norway for a free sock pattern, "Skedaddle"
Prize threads for me to spread the love:

Finished Objects and a Half Object:
  • "Dragonfly Wings" shawl by Boo Knits, knit in the 'Kiss' colourway in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Lightweight
  • "Happily Ever After Mitts" in Skein Yarn Top Draw Sock in speckled 'Sweet Dreams'
  • "Happily Ever After Mitts" in Unique Sheep Sushi sock in 'Cherry Blossom' and neckerchief in the same Unique Sheep yarn, held with Yarn vs Zombies Runaway base in 'Hanami'
  • "Hermione's Everyday Socks" in Cyborg's Craftroom Assockilate base in 'Deep Dark Secrets'
Works in Progress:
  • "Slo Moe" snail knit with Quaere Fibre Worsted in 'All the Crayons in the Box' and Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Mediumweight in 'Pistachio' - BirdLeg Bags project bag
  • "Menehune" shawl, knit in Cyborg's Craftroom Assockilate base in 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep' - Happy Crabs project bag from Piddleloop
  • "Whispering Pines" shawl knit in Skein Yarn Top Draw Sock in 'Geisha', with Little Skein stitch markers from the "Poison Apple" set - Mushrooms project bag from A Homespun House


Sunday, 17 August 2014

Episode 3 - My Knitting Backstory

Welcome to Episode 3!

Brooching the subject:
  • Brooch from Elk
  • Shawl design "Makai" by MSkiKnits
Finished Object (bar the bind off!):
  •  "Dragonfly Wings" shawl by Boo Knits using Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Lightweight in the 'Kiss' colourway 
  • "Slo' Moe Snail" by Susan Claudino in Quaere Fibre 'All the Crayons in the Box'
  • "Knotted Openwork Girls Shrug" in Gynx Yarns in 'Sea Salt Ice Cream'
  • "Hermione's Everyday Socks" in Cyborg's Craftroom 'Deep Dark Secrets'
  • "Together with Mel" shawl (now officially called "Menehune") in Cyborgs Craftroom 'Do Androids Knit with Electric Yarn'
  • "Happily Ever After Mitts" in Skein 'Top Drawer Sock' yarn - Speckled range, 'Sweet Dreams'
  • Alice kit - Gynx yarn, Little Skein in the Big Wool bag, "Advice from a Caterpillar" shawl pattern by Emma Welford. Kit available from Gynx
  • Blue Moon Fiber Arts - Polworth Silk yarn, camel/wool/silk fibre
  • DPN holder and project bag from LittleBobbins

Spin me right round:

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Episode 2 - "Gothic Cat-along"

Welcome to Episode 2! Thanks for joining me.

Thank yous:

  • All viewers, new and returning
  • To everyone who sent me birthday well-wishes
  • To Nina, Julia and Molly for the fabulous birthday present pattern


Brooching the Subject:

Finished Objects:

  • 'Happily Ever After' mitts using yarn from The Unique Sheep - sushi sock base in colourway 'Cherry Blossoms' - blocked using Tuft Woolens wool soap. Heavenly scented!
  • 'Bunny Blanket Buddy' using Berocco Chunky in colourway 'Raspberry'

Works in Progress:

  • 'Dragonfly Wings' shawl in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Lightweight in colourway 'Kiss'- living in Teatime Bag from A Homespun House.

Needle Adjacent:

  • 'Slo-Moe' snail pattern - using Quare Fibre worsted in colourway 'All the Crayons in the Box' - living in BirdlegBags Raven/Crow project bag.
  • 'Hitofude' cardigan using Madeline Tosh Tosh Merino Light in colourway 'Victorian Gothic' - living in project bag from Little Skein in the Big Wool.

What I'm Wearing:

  • 'Windy City' scarf - using unknown wool/bamboo yarn

Until next time - have a wonderful week, and happy crafting! :-)