Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Episode 57: Finding Your "Why" and Living It

Welcome to episode 57 of the YarnderWoman Podcast - filmed on Tuesday 24 February 2017 in Perth, Western Australia.

This is a knitting and living well (for yourself, others and the planet) podcast.

Brooching the Subject:

Works in Progress:

  • Find Your Fade Shawl
  • Shawl shapes with Aroha Knits
  • Grey Skies socks 
  • Elfenstein socks


  • Prizes already from OpheliaVioleta on IG (Harry Potter themed) and from KnitSewPop, an Aussie bag maker, and Sweater Collective pattern "Brick Road Socks".

Spinning Me Right 'Round:

  • Loved seeing photos of all the women's marches - and all the pussyhats!
  • I'm doing 365 Gratitude on instagram - see hashtag #YWGratitude2017
  • Finished "Moving your DNA" by Katy Bowman. Trying to move a lot more. Walked a few bus stops when there was a 15 min wait for bus. Includes outtakes at the end of audio. Funny. Just yesterday finished "Movement Matters". Essential reading for everyone. Stacking; convenience = someone else's detriment and detriment to the environment. Just move more and move in nature!
  • Sorted out the stash. Everything came out. Some things to sell in de-stash threads. Now ALL organised. I group by dyer. Bags organised - now over two boxes, in size order/grouping. Soooo happy and pleased - I feel really positive towards my stash and feel organised for all my projects, going forward
  • I feel really energised with ideas of how I can try to make a difference. Come and join me to chat about your thoughts in this week's episode thread!

Monster Valentine's Day cards:

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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Episode 56: Happy 2017

Welcome to Episode 56 of the YarnderWoman Podcast - filmed on Wednesday 11 January 2017 in Perth, Western Australia.

Happy New Year!

Brooching the Subject:

Finished Objects:

  • Nix Hoodie. 
  • Owl and cat. (Bat did not get finished.)

Works in Progress:

  • Xmas eve cast on - were socks, now fingerless mitts
  • Find Your Fade shawl
  • Facewashers


·        Watch to see if you were the winner of the final 2016 Charity prize drawer



Spinning Me Right 'Round / Goals:

  • My word for the year is Mindfulness
  • I use the Insight Timer app for meditations
  • How to Live a Good Life and Move your DNA audio books.
  • Brooke McAlary and Kelly Exeter from podcasts on the JackRabbit FM network
  • I have plans to build a chicken coop this year (though will happily buy one ready-made if I find it on the second-hand market)
  • I have a compost bin
  • I completed some of my 2016 goals, and others I forgot I had even noted down - hence I won't be writing out any goals this year and will just plan things as they come. I do know I want to knit gifts, including things for people we will be staying with on our Japan trip later this year. :-)

Happy Crafting!

Coffee with the lovely Grace of Babble's Travelling Yarns podcast

Frogging several projects from 2016 that I don't want to continue knitting. 
Cathartic ripping FTW!