Monday, 29 September 2014

Episode 6 - Recording with Mama!

Welcome to Episode 6 of the YarnderWoman Podcast!

This episode was filmed on Saturday 27 September 2014.

What I'm Wearing:

Brooching the Subject:

  • A copy of Whispering Pines (or a pattern to the same value if the winner already has this pattern). Watch this episode to see if the winner is you!
  • "(Nearly) 300 Member Giveaway" - two winners will receive two cakes of 'Elements' yarn and some bamboo knitting needles, generously donated by  Spinning Yarns Weaving Tales . Go to the Ravelry group thread to enter. (This contest will be drawn whenever I record on weekend 25/26 October 2014.)
  • Discount code - Get 10% off the purchase of any yarn from the Spinning Yarns Weaving Tales 'Elements' range on the website. Send an email to, quote "Yarnderwoman" and list your purchases. Jo will then send you a paypal invoice for the discounted amount. Thank you for your generosity, Jo!
  • Prizes for future giveaways generously donated by Skein Yarns; The Cyborg's Craft Room; Marigold Jen; MmeHibou; Fox Hill Llamas.

Finished Objects:

Works in Progress:


Spin Me Right Round:

Video, illustration and music by Damian K Sheiles:

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Episode 5 - Polygamous Monogamy

Welcome to Episode 5 of the YarnderWoman Podcast!

This episode was filmed on Saturday 13 September 2014.

Thank yous:

What I'm Wearing:
  • Bo Peep Scarf from Tiny Owl Knits, made with Blue Moon Fiber Arts Marine Silk in 'True Blood Red' and Rowan Kid Silk Haze in '627 - Blood'

Brooching the Subject:

Works in Progress:
  • Cozy Memories Sock Yarn Blanket - some new squares, using yarn from friends. Housed in 'Vintage Children' project bag from LoveSockWool
  • The second "Hermione's Everyday Sock" knit with 'Deep Dark Secrets' from The Cyborg's Craftroom. Housed in 'Gothic Cupcake' project bag from Birdleg Bags
  • "Whispering Pines" shawl, designed by the wonderful Molly, knit with Skein Top Draw Sock in 'Geisha'. Housed in 'Red Mushroom' project bag from A Homespun House.


Spin Me Right 'Round:
  • Three winners for our three prize draws - a Ravelry pattern of choice; Hapa shawl pattern; and a cherry blossom brooch from Hanaletters. 
  • Winners announced on the podcast but not mentioned here yet, so as not to spoil the surprise. :-)

Video and music by Damian K Sheiles (DKS Art & Design)