Monday, 30 March 2015

Episode 18 - Jet-lagged and Laughing

Welcome to Episode 18 of the YarnderWoman Podcast, filmed in Perth, Western Australia, on Sunday 29 March 2015.

Brooching the Subject:
  • Fox from a friend:

Finished Objects:

Works in Progress:
  • Turtlepurl yarn in colourway "Gothic Plum" - 'Vanilla Bean Stripey Socks' pattern. 
  • 'No Purl Monkey' socks in Knit Picks Stroll Glimmer, "Peacock"


Spin Me Right 'Round:

Pop Culture Knit-along / Craft-along:
  • Join in the chatter thread in the Ravelry group
  • Use yarn/fibre and/or a pattern referencing pop culture
  • All fibre crafts allowed (knitting/spinning/crochet)
  • Double dipping with other KALs is fine
  • The Finished Objects thread will be open from 1 April - 31 May
  • Projects can be started any time, but must be finished within the KAL period

Prizes / Discount Code:
  • Turtlepurl yarn in "Gothic Plum" - watch to see if you were the winner!
  • Use discount code 'YARNDERWOMAN' until 11 April in the Turtlepurl etsy shop (Australian site link) - American etsy site link here

Happy Crafting!

Some photos from my trip to Canberra:

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