Monday, 19 February 2018

Episode 69: Many WiPs, Many Books

Welcome to Episode 69 of the YarnderWoman Podcast!

This episode was filmed on 15 February 2018 in Perth, Western Australia.

This is a longer episode than normal - the last half an hour is devoted to discussing some books I've read lately, on the topics of minimalism, decluttering and simplicity. 

So if you're just here for the knitting, that's no worries and you can enjoy the first hour, as there is definitely lots of knitting! :-)

The time stamps for the various segments are as follows:
  • Brooching the Subject - 01:44
  • Finished Objects - 03:44
  • Works in Progress - 14:03
  • KAL/Prizes - 41:50
  • Quick interlude - 50:27
  • Spinning Me Right ‘Round - 51:26
  • Bye - 1:25:23
  • YarnderMum clips / out-takes - 1:26:30

Brooching the Subject: 

Finished Objects:
-- See my Ravelry project page for details --
  • Fingerless mitts that started as socks

Works in Progress:
-- See my Ravelry project page for details --
  • Another charity baby hat
  • Purple/grey charity hat.
  • Toe-up no-heel rib socks
  • Charity shawl
  • Swatched for a knitted dress



Watch the episode to see if you are a new winner (by re-draw) of one of two patterns from our 2017 Charity KAL thread!

Thank you to our prize sponsors:

Quick interlude:

Spinning Me Right ‘Round:
  • Stash sorting - you can do ‘advanced search’ within your own stash
  • Mental health – let’s keep the conversation going and de-stigmatise mental health conditions, as well as society's common response to those with a chronic illness - the article that gives a great analogy about how some people with chronic illness may / often feel can be found here:

Minimalism / decluttering / simplicity / budgeting books I've read in the last few months:

The Minimalists:



Mindfulness / Simplicity: 

Next on my reading list are Frugal Hedonism - Annie Raser-Rowland with Adam Grubb, and First We Make the Beast Beautiful – Sarah Wilson

Happy Crafting!

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